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Riff Bastard

Sunday, 23rd March 2014


Riff Bastard Set Time: 2:20pm to 2:50pm


EVIL SCARECROW ARE - Riff heavy, groove laden, no bullshit hard rock.


Riff Bastard are a Nottingham based band, a bastard hybrid made up of some of the city's most talented rock musicians bringing you the the very best of the riff and simply the most splendid band name in the world!


"...they rip out the lungs of the pale pastiched parodies of what passes for passable popular rock music and they kill it stone dead replacing it with riff heavy grit to make John Wayne yellow - simply putting it - they give it some 100% bastard!" I'm Not From London Promotions


"...these guys have been sent a on a personal mission from the god of rock himself under strict instructions to go and Rock some shows….either that or its all one big midlife crisis manifesting itself in the form of a band." Nusic


DAMAGED STOCK SAY - "Riff Bastard will be kicking off Damaged Stock for us in the best of fashion, with heavy riffage and a healthy measure of groove. This is going to be a day showcasing the liveliest of unsigned bands and Riff Bastard will be showing us how it's done from the first minute."